Shimmer Shop Ltd is a family run business based in Bristol. We are the UK’s leading manufacturer of shimmer curtains, also known as slit drapes, slash curtains, split drapes, glitter curtains and rain curtains. We sell shimmer curtains in wholesale and bulk quantities.

Shimmer curtains are a popular choice for events, Christmas parties, theatre productions, cabarets, trade displays and much more

Our shimmer curtains are made in the UK and come in a large range of colours, drops and slit widths. The most popular slashed drape colours are bright, shiny and metallic, such as silver and gold. We also have festive green and red as well as gloss and dark coloured shimmer curtains, including black.

Our shimmer curtains are available in almost any length. From slit drapes with drops suitable for doors (or even shorter) to 30ft (10m) high curtains that are great for use on music or theatre stages.

Our slash drapes come with slit widths of  ¼” (6mm), ½” (12mm), 1” (25mm) and 2” (50mm). For more information on the colours, slit widths and drop lengths please click here.